Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Cable Guy

     It has been a most interesting morning. After several days of going back and forth with the cable company (twice I have been told a tech was coming over and they never showed), the tech finally showed up to fix my internet speed. I had been up all morning due to the loud construction and painting of my apartment building and had to drink my morning coffee rather bitterly with my blinds closed to keep the worker from gawking in at me.
     They cable guy was about my age, young and very fit. I wished I had taken the time to get properly dressed, as I was in my PJ bottoms and a t-shirt with my hair in tangles wrapped on top of my head. This however didn't stop him from flirting excessively. I am not complaining as my boyfriend and I had a bit of a spat and I think we have finally met our end. A good flirt from a charming stranger seemed to lift my spirits. Every woman loves to know she is wanted especial after finding herself alone.
     He did all sorts of things for me, most of which I assume he didn't really half too. He fixed all the cable plugs around my house and replaced a bunch of wire to ensure I had "the best speed". What do I know about these things, I just wanted my websites to come up! Ha ha. He was very nice and extremely handsome  the more I talked to him. Funny how people can be "cute" at first and grow on you to be much more attractive.
     Warning, I am a writer of erotica. Don't put me in a sexy situation and expect me to keep to my good girl thoughts! I let the idea roam my mind freely, what an exciting morning it would have been for him had I "thanked" him for his kind services. Would it have been inappropriate for me to hop in the shower while he worked to sneakily freshen up? Perhaps. But it could have also been very exciting to tease.
     I caught him more than once checking me out and figured I would make the most of it. I helped him install the little black box thing he kept calling a "modem". To me it was just a internet maker. I slide under my desk in my office bent over while I took my time plugging in the power. It was a tight fit, so I really couldn't look back and see if he had watched me. For my own pride I will assume he did. I found myself feeling extremely sexual this morning and it seemed to lift me up much better than the coffee ever could.
     Once it was all said and done and he could find nothing else to fix, he pulled out his paper work and handed me the pad to sign for his efforts. He looked me right in the eye and I felt a shiver of excitement run up my spine. He had beautiful brown eyes. I signed the paper and handed it back. He looked at me once more with his wonderful eyes and smiled before saying, "Is there anything else I can do for you?"
     At that point I could think of a few things. For starters I wanted to bite his lower lip because it was full and sexy. There were a great many ideas that ran through my head, but instead I just said that I thought it I was good. I thanked him and walked to the door with him. He carried his tool belt and fumbled with the clipboard as he opened the door. I stood behind him as he walked out dropping his clipboard. He bent over to pick it up and I took a glance or two at his firm buns. He had a nice back side, what can I say?
     After that he walked out of my life. It wasn't a complete loss though, it left me charged up for writing! ;)

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