Sunday, February 10, 2013

Jack Perry's Lady Luck: Therapy at the Bar now available!

Hello bloggers! I am L.M. Tracy, but for simplicity's sake Tracy is best! I am a 28 year old author of erotica and love my job! I find myself intrigued with the elements of sexuality and fantasies, which has led me to share some ideas I have cooked up!

In my first attempt at publishing a short story I have created Therapy as the Bar (the first story in a series about a man named Jack Perry). In this story Jack retreats to a bar after having a horrible day in which he is fired. While at the bar he finds himself drawn to the hot young bartender who seems to be more interested in him that he would have ever imagined. Something strange is going on, but Jack is too enthralled to worry about it. After a playful game of note passing he finds himself in an exiting sexual situation. Will Jack's rough day turn into a wild night? Have a look and find out!

Therapy at the Bar

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