Sunday, February 17, 2013

Jack Perry's Lady Luck - Therapy at the Bar

Hello blogger fans! I just got Jack Perry's Lady Luck published on, and guess what? It is in all major formats and only $0.99!

Here is the skinny on the story:

Jack Perry's life had been anything but adventurous. He works a dead end job, has no love life, and hardly has any friends.
One morning after Jack goes into work, only to find out he has been fired, he heads off to the local bus stop to go home. A mysterious man being chased by an attractive redhead collides with him before fleeing again. Little did Jack know that this collision was going to change the way women looked at him... forever!
Later that night Jack heads down to his favorite bar (The Drunken Eagle) to drown himself in a few beers. A new bartender (Nikki) flirts with him unexpectedly. She seems extremely interested in Jack. After a few drinks and shots, she offers to do anything to cheer him up. Anything!

From the Book:


I watched as she wrote something on a coaster then brought it over to me. She set the beer down on the coaster and the blue pen beside it.
"I will be right back," she said, then walked to the other end of the bar.
I looked down and could see fuzzy blue streaks on the coaster through the golden liquid in the glass. What had she written on the coaster, I wondered. I lifted the glass and saw a message:

"I am sorry your
having a bad day.
How can I cheer you up?"

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